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OK guys any feedback is appreciated. And if any one wants to add information that will help new players I will be grateful. 

I'm going to try my best to walk through the first few quests up to level 20 or there abouts.

Edit: If someone want's to make a new char and help me add a few screenshots post them in this thread. I mainly need to add information where players need to go to blow up barrels and maybe screenshots of bosses and NPCs. I mostly added information from memory. Or you could attempt to expand on this guide by describing your screenshots.


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Levels 1-10.

Level 0-1 Create Character and Equip first item from first quest.
To equip: First type the letter 'I' then click on the the items in your inventory one at a time and click on equip. At the start you should have at least a trinket and a weapon of some kind. 

note: At level 5 you will probably want to find some armor if you can't find enough from the first few crabs you fight. Sometimes you can find some by clicking on the supply chest and checking the player stores. If you need some money try seeing if there are some low level resources requested on the job market(if your a crafter) or sell a few blackpowders. Also, you may be able to request some level 5 armor from another player. 

Levels 1-5 Mostly exp from doing Lucky Lana's Quests by killing Crabs. These levels go pretty quick.
Level 6 Crab Boss - Cliffhanger. Did you get some armor and equip it? Bosses are a little harder than the rest of the monsters and usually have a shield you need to take down before you can start to kill them.

Levels 6-7(approximate). Second Land Map. There are two exits on the right side of the first map. One up and right from the starting location and one below the crab boss. There are two exits below the crab boss you need to take the lower exit.  The other one is for the challenge area. 
Explore the second map until you see where both caves are. There's a rock path over water to the second cave. You may want to check the supply chest for a quest before you explore. 

Note: crafters can find level 5 resources here.

Levels 8-9(approximate): Boss fight (Whitemayne) and how to get to him. You explored second map right? OK. There are two caves on this map. The second cave has a barrel you need to blow up. The first cave is where Whitemayne is. (First cave - left, Second cave - right). 

Levels 9-10(approximate). Boss Furrypants and Exit to next area. Greendale.
You will find a NPC wolf with a quest to kill a few wolves then a quest to kill the packleader (Furrypants). Once you do that you can find the exit to the next area.



Thanks Larwin



Levels 10-20. (to be continued)