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Legions of the Lost

Announced: 11/18/2014
ETA: 1/1/2015

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A hundred years ago, a band of explorers accompanied by the legendary
Scarlet Legion departed Oasis on a great expedition to find new lands to settle.

Those brave souls were never seen again until today, exactly one hundred years
from the first expedition a mysterious portal appears in the heart of Oasis!

Join the first official expansion for Lands of Hope Redemption ...

Tame Bosses, Fight Demons, Undeads and Mythical Beasts
and find out what happened to the Legions of the Lost!

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Planned Features (subject to change):

  • New continent OR multi-mapped area on existing continent.
  • Multi-sub factions
  • Ability to learn a "Taming" ability that allows you to tame Bosses as pets. Boss Pets would come as "Meatshield" pets automatically and some other benefits.
  • Experience Bonus in effect while in the new maps, with dynamic level content so anyone at any level can enter.
  • Access to items themed around the new Demon / Undead / Mythical Killer skills.
  • Scarlet Legion items and loot
  • New Mythical beast races such as Unicorns, Pegasus etc ...
  • New "mounted" player sprite
  • New "gathering" like skill "Skinning.
  • New skill Exploration, allowing you to discover things in areas of the map you never saw before!
  • More to follow ....

Pre-order price $14.99


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