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A Walkthrough of Sorts

This article is not meant to be a be all and end all article on how to win the game, but a brief guide to the first 20 levels of gameplay! At level 20 you can get to Oasis which is the first Town in the game and things really start to open up!

For now I am going to assume you know the basics and have read this article.

Map Progression

Desolate Beach

Levels 1 thru 5 can be gained playing on Desolate Beach and completing the starting quests.

File 80616139368f04a24b5f98e8c8eeac8e.jpg

Story Progression: Dark Cave (NE of Lucky Lana) - Level 6 - 9
Other Maps: Eastern Beach Level 5+ (accessible North East and South East of the map)

After Desolate Beach we recommend you perform the maps in the following order (you are free to ignore this but this order makes for the easiest in form of level progression and difficulty):


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