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Anyone with the Gathering skill can find resource nodes to gather almost immediately in the game.

If you start as the Craftsman you automatically get this skill. Otherwise you can learn it in Oasis.

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Resource nodes appear as follows:

File 3ce92a61fc36390171b159d5bc557d31.png
File 2c66eb32c369a32f7306720bd75b0fda.png
File 39274939eb2be263d062ee4749dd9d48.png
File 73f399d4bec34b53c9ad0d9eef7fe23c.png

Walk into a resource to gather it. if you do not have gathering skill you will never see a resource node.

Resources may periodically re-spawn in similar locations on the map.

Gathered resources are used in Crafting.

Gathering Focus

Craftsman also get the Gathering Focus ability that enables them to be more focused on gathering and less focused on fighting.

Gathering Focus is a power that once activated will provide experience gains from resource gathering and weaken monster spawns in the area reducing their level making them easier to kill (but you get lower xp and items as loot drops).


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