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It costs a substantial amount of money to form your own guild in Lands of Hope Redemption, 100,000gp to be exact.

Once formed you can invite your friends to the guild, once someone joins the guild when they level up your guild receives guild XP points which can be used to claim various guild rewards.

This does benefit guilds of large amounts of PEOPLE but it also is beneficial to guilds with people who are active.

Press the G key when in a guild to access the guild menu.

Guild members can be promoted to ranks and given special permissions.

When someone leaves the guild your guild will lose a few points of guild xp so it pays to make all your members as happy as can be.

  • Access to special guild rewards
  • Access to a Guild HQ (must be purchased with Gold)
  • Access to a Guild chat room.
  • Access to the Battlefield.


For the bigger or more well established guilds which get 1000gxp you can purchase a Battlefield key via the Rewards section. This key can be used to access a special Guild area, that has quests and various other things to do.

In the battlefield you must capture 6 towers to unlock the Castle.

Once captured another guild can capture the tower and reset your hard work. Also see Ceres Bloodcaller the new Battlefield boss.

Once the castle is unlocked you may have a very short period of time before another guild resets your towers so you should enter almost immediately and complete the quests you are ready to complete and turn in.

Judging Circle and Good vs Evil

After unlocking the Battlefield the Guild Leader is able to pick a side either Good or Evil, your guild then becomes either a Bastion of Light or Darkness.

It is then possible to unlock a much larger home, with NPCs, and rewards.

Access to a new dungeon which is very cool and the accrual of either Evil or Good points that will show up on your C screen.

After unlocking the larger guild home it will replace your original Guild Home with the new version.

Emissary Rewards

To claim rewards from the Emissary you will need Arena Tokens, but you will also need to accumulate Good or Evil points.

  • 1001+ points you get +39 Quality items
  • 501+ points you get +29 Quality items
  • 251+ points you get +19 Quality items
  • 101+ points you get +15 Quality items
  • 50+ points you get +10 Quality items
  • Otherwise you get +5 Quality items.

You will need 1 token for every quality item, so if you wish to make a Quality 39 item you will not only need 1001 or higher points but also 39 Arena tokens!

Thus a full set of Q39 Tainted / Righteous armor will require 4 x 39 tokens.

See Spoils of War for more information.


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