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Housing is available in game for Gold pieces.

Housing Areas can be found @

  • Knotwood Vale (35+)
  • Smugglers Cove (Dread Pirate Reward)
  • Hasumachi - Residential District (75+)
  • Asagarth (175+)

Knotwood Vale Houses

File 5c4ecf7e0bec3d4da2abc84a081d44ae.jpg

Small House - 25,000gp

File f45906a689e721672e03223cb36dfec8.jpg

Store - 30,000gp

File 7691393168c16883c57aa313066e2c89.jpg

Large - 40,000gp

File 44a306ebc7af1cf4057ff55eaea07f17.jpg

Guild House

Smugglers Cove

File 1b00858bbbebf279dd3647f014819a34.jpg

  • Dread Tokens (Treasure Finding skill)

Hasumachi Houses

File 504783d92b6b472255334ef30be3cdde.jpg

Eastern Home - 80,000gp

File 416af7e238a8e6ef1cef29e019a79cd7.jpg

Eastern Large Home - 90,000gp

File e3f867864fd2bf6ec2930417baba73c3.jpg

Eastern Store - 125,000gp

File 6d8a0c65b5fc4ea514e28bba52646764.jpg

Eastern Warehouse - 70,000gp


File 4af0bfdaea96ee69741b05f9acd25ad1.jpg

City Retreat - 500,000gp


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