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Dollar Store
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A Walkthrough of Sorts
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Starting Out
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Class Story
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Gift Wheel
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Legendary Dungeons
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Spewrax and World Bosses
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New Player Tips
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Bars In Combat

Lands of Hope

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Video Game

Beta Period July 3rd - Oct 3rd 2014
Release Date Oct 3rd 2014
Expansion LoL
Browsers IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more...
VIP Micro-transaction based
Screenshots HERE
Official Site
Facebook HERE
Developer Regal Computer Services


Lands of Hope Redemption

LoHR (Lands of Hope Redemption) is an online browser-based Role Playing Game. The third game in the Lands of Hope franchise, it is unique in the fact that it can function as a standalone product that can be played without prior knowledge of the previous installments - unlike many other RPG franchises. LoHR takes place several thousand years before the events of Lands of Hope and Lands of Hope Phoenix Edition, in a world on the brink of a large turmoil.


LoHR is an open-world, 2D online RPG; it consists of turn-based PvE combat and the usage of "skills", which can be trained and improved for extra benefits in-game. Set in the land of Myzan, you start out shipwrecked on a small, uncharted island, and progress through the game to find out your identity and unlock new areas to explore. The gameplay is fluidic and allows you to pick your own path of progressing through the game. As you explore new areas, you find new materials to use, people to trade with, and enemies to fight, all on your quest to find your identity and eventually return home. Controls are predefined, with the main movement controls being W, A, S, D, and the arrow keys. Movement may also be carried out with the mouse, by point-and-click. Trading, friend, messaging. and storage systems are all functional in this game - giving you a much more immersive gameplay experience.

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Unofficial Supplement Wiki:


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  • WASD = Movement
  • ARROW KEYS = Movement
  • MOUSE CLICK / TAP = Movement
  • I = Inventory
  • K = Crafting
  • N = Dismantle (Deconstruction skill required)
  • Y = Pets
  • ` = Menu
  • C = Character
  • P = Powers
  • Z = Dollar Store
  • Q = Quests
  • L = Log Screen: Shows recent actions.
  • M = Map: Allows you to fast travel to previous destinations and view level ranges of areas.
  • 0 - 9 = Hotkey: Trigger the items or powers you have bound to the hotbar.
  • SPACE = Interact with Nearby Player
  • O = Options: Show the Options screen.
  • G = Guild: Create a Guild or Access your Guilds menu choices.
  • B = Band
  • T = Toggle Display Elements
  • / = Focus entry on chat box
  • - = Activate Combat Power Key set using P screen.
  • + = Activate Combat Power Key set using P screen.
  • [ = Activate Combat Power Key set using P screen.
  • ] = Activate Combat Power Key set using P screen.


  • /stuck = Resets the current map putting barriers and teleporters back where they should be. Does not reset quests.
  • /b [TEXT] = Puts up a bubble above your character. Use /b to turn it off.
  • /me [TEXT] = Send an emote to chat for example /me eats a cookie.
  • /afk [TEXT] = Used to note you are away from keyboard. Use /afk with no text when you return.
  • /band [TEXT] = Sends text to your currently online band members.
  • /guild [TEXT] = Sends text to your currently online guild members.
  • /p [NAME] TEXT = Sends a private message to the person specified in name. For example: /p [Decius] Hello!. Square brackets are necessary and must be used.
  • /w [TEXT] = Say something to only the people in the current map.
  • /toggle = Turns the background of chat from transparent to black and back again.
  • /keyboard = Turns onscreen keyboard on / off.
  • /roll [number] = Rolls a dice using the number provided as the ceiling and 1 as the minimum. Returns the result to chat for all to see. Example: /roll 9 (will yield 1 thru 9).


We attempted to fund LoHR through Kickstarter with a $7,000 project requirement. Unfortunately it did not make it! - However driven on by the support of admirers and past game users the game will be completed. We could still use financial help (you can still donate directly via our website above - and receive cool supporter benefits) but that will not deter us from completing the game.

LoHR has had 3 public alpha test events over the last 3 months, and survived a 3 Month BETA test starting July 3rd and running till the games release on October 3rd.


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It's still a work in progress but everyone can go to a new supplement site for further LoHR information!