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Legendary Dungeons

Part of the higher end of the game will be the acquiring of Legendary Armor and Weapons. Most of which will come through special dungeons called Legend Dungeons.

To access Legend Dungeons you will need to acquire Legend Dungeon Keys. These may be as rewards from quests or as random loot drops!

Using the key will teleport you into one of many different dungeons. You can not pre-determine which one you will enter.

If you leave the dungeon you will need to use a key to enter it again, and your progress is not saved which means you can repeat these dungeons as many times as you want.

Monsters are dynamically spawned to your level and they will all feature some form of diabolical and dastardly puzzle or obstacle to overcome to reach the Boss and the Legend Chest at the end.

Legend Chest

After obtaining a Legend Chest you can unlock it and open it to retrieve whatever is inside.

File adb87ef8f4f7801f494929646bfe84c6.jpg

Legend Chests may contain Quality Level 4 and higher items up to Quality Level 8, as well as Legendary Items. Completing a Legend Dungeon does not guarantee you a legend drop.

A series of tunnels home to a number of crawling spider foes! At the end you will find Ariadne the Spider Queen and quite possibly your death!

File ea16f8ad68aeaeaa335cf390b95b8e95.jpg

A series of tombs and tunnels home to a huge volume of spiders and the Necrosis boss.

A strange forest filled with odd creatures that don't like to be touched or looked at or even mentioned! Boss Malefican

Super Legend Dungeons

At higher levels you may come across "Super Legend Dungeons" these usually span several levels OR are harder to complete than regular dungeons and/or require something special to access them.

Completing these dungeons gains a Super Legend Chest which may contain better items and resources, quest items AND up to 8 Legend Tokens.

Level 150+ Super Legend Dungeon with 2 levels. Boss Deranax.

Super Legend Dungeons (Catacombs)

Level 200+ Super Legend Dungeon with Lex the Leech as a boss. Accessible via Endgame Content. (Reward is a Time Shard)

Level 200+ Super Legend Dungeon with Fleshwound as a boss. Accessible via Endgame Content. (Reward is a Time Shard)

Level 200+ Super Legend Dungeon with Rift Feeder as a boss. Accessible via Endgame Content. (Reward is a Time Shard)

Greater Legend Dungeons

Turning in regular Legend Keys at the NPC in Blood Halls will yield Greater Legend Keys, these can be used from your inventory like regular ones to teleport you to one of three new Greater Dungeons (only one of these Dungeons has been coded so far).

OR you can teleport to the Demon Cave on the Demonic Plains region and walk into the special teleporter for each dungeon. It will still use up one of your Greater Keys.

Greater dungeons yield up to 25 Tokens per completion from the Greater Chest.

Level 200 - 240 monsters with Sharan the Evil 5,000 kill boss and Warlord (Chest Guardian).

Dynamic level monsters, set against the backdrop of the home of the Scarlet Legion. Use the Hero's Guild (Asagarth) secret "nothing" entrance. You must own the Legend promotion!


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