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Around level 9 you will get your first pet (from the Guard at Greendale) a "Spider". To activate the pet go to I (Inventory Screen) click on Pet Summoners on the right hand side of the screen and then use the Spider Caller.

Your pet will then start to follow you.

Use the caller again to turn the pet off if you decide it needs a rest or you get wierded out by a giant spider staring at you.

Pets level up but not from XP from the number of kills you make. Your pet can in effect become much higher level than you because of this.
  • Pets Level Up Kill counter requires (Current Level)*2+5 Kills to get the Level Up button
  • Using the Level Up button will deduct Current Level+5 from the pets Kill Level Up counter
  • An example being a pet that is currently level 50 will require 105 kills to level up, and will use 55 kills upon doing so.

Pets gain 1 skill point per level which can be spent on Attack, or on Health (if your pet is a Meatshield)

You can find several pets from questing in the game and many more from the Z / Dollar Store.

Your pet may reveal your location due to the fact it is not stealthed, but you are. To this end you can pay 30 skill points to activate stealth for your pet ... or try to acquire a pet that comes with stealth activated such as a Ghost pet.

Your pet typically does not get targeted in combat and does not take damage merely dish it out. However when your pet has 100 skill points free it can become a MEATSHIELD. This setting enables the pet to take damage (about a 1 in 3 chance). You can also spend future skill points on either Attack or +10 Hit points, Once Meatshield is purchased the Pet Mastery skill becomes incredibly useful!


Those of you who want to become good "Masters" can also get the Pet Mastery Skill. It comes with 4 powers!

  • Resurrection - Can be used during combat to bring a dead pet back to life.
  • Pet Advocate - Can be used to raise the pets defense during combat. The amount of defense given goes up as you master the power.
  • Pet Provoker - Can be used to raise the pets combat attack power. The amount of attack given goes up as you master the power.
  • Bad Master - Convert your pets health into health for yourself, a cheap way to heal yourself but it kills the pet. The amount of health healed goes up as you master the power.


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