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Starting Out

Upon first entering the land, you wake up on a small island, with no memory of who you are or how you got there. You have no items, nor skills or combat powers.

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Using your preferred method of moment (WASD / Arrow Keys / Click to Move), move towards the chest with the Open me text bubble above it. By walking into certain objects, you can trigger it, and cause it to do something. In this case, the chest will open.

Opening the chest (known as the Traveller's chest) will allow you to perform the following actions:

  • Pick your Appearance
  • Pick your Class or Starting Skills
  • Name your Character
  • Get your Starting Gear and Powers

The Chest also has some quests so once you have setup your character be sure to click the View Quests button and take your fill of quests to get started.

Marked on the Image above are:

  • a). The Travellers Chest
  • b). A Ghost NPC to talk to, he offers training tips.
  • c). Resources (only certain classes may see them) and / or something to pick up!
  • d). Your First Monster, walk into it to trigger combat.
  • e). Head this way to detonate a blockage when you have some Blackpowder.

As you explore the first area you will come to meet more monsters, a dungeon or two and an NPC.

Check out the P (Powers) screen and the I (Inventory) screen to configure your character further.

If you feel like you have chosen the wrong skills return to the Travellers Chest at any time before level 15 and you will be able to reset your character and choose a different class or different starting skills!


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